Looking to learn more about being a Board Member at your community?  Podcasts are a great way to learn about topics.  I recently was a guest on a podcast for HOA & Condo Board Members on detecting and preventing fraud.

The Podcast is called HOA Insights: Common Senese for Common Areas and the host of this particular episode was Robert Nordlund, PE, a reserve study expert.  Their website says: We exist to help all 2 million volunteer HOA Board members nationwide have the right information at the right time to make the right decisions for the future of their community association.

In the Podcast for HOA & Condo Board Members on detecting and preventing fraud you will:

Learn to detect and prevent HOA fraud with these key steps. Safeguard your association’s funds and inspire transparency among your community!

In this episode, we break into the complexities of HOA fraud and prevention methods. Join experts Russell Munz and Robert Nordlund as they discuss the fine line between cost-saving and fraud, emphasizing transparency in reserve accounts. Learn about the common fraud methods within community associations, from forged checks to financial mismanagement by companies and vendors. Discover the key steps for HOA board members to establish checks and balances, including financial reporting, proper bidding processes, and regular audits. As a bonus, we’ll cover the importance of homeowner involvement in financial oversight.

Click this link to the episode.

You can also find the episode and others on the podcast platform you currently use or by visiting their website: https://www.hoainsights.org/


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