QuickBooks Desktop Bows Out – HOAs, Time to Upgrade!


Intuit has announced a significant shift in the accounting software landscape with the discontinuation of QuickBooks Desktop, setting July 31, 2024, as the deadline for final purchases. This pivotal change impacts numerous businesses and HOA communities that have relied on QuickBooks Desktop for their financial tracking and reporting needs. 

As organizations, particularly those managing homeowners associations (HOAs) and condominiums, navigate this transition, the need to evaluate their accounting solutions becomes urgent. Moving beyond basic financial software, this shift presents an opportunity to adopt specialized software and service solutions explicitly designed for HOA financial management.


Your HOA deserves a system that not only covers basic accounting functions but also caters to the unique needs of HOA and condo management, including dues collection, maintenance management, and compliance reporting.

Where QuickBooks Falls Short


  1. Lack of Specialized Features

QuickBooks provides general accounting functionalities but lacks critical features for HOAs and condos, such as automated dues collection, compliance tracking, and detailed financial reporting. These are essential for managing the unique financial requirements of community associations.

  1. Insufficient Owner Self-Service Options

QuickBooks does not offer self-service portals for homeowners, limiting their ability to view their individual ledgers or access important community documents online. Community Financials provides these capabilities, enhancing transparency and convenience for residents.

  1. Complex Payment Application Rules

In many states, there are specific rules for how payments from homeowners should be applied to their accounts. QuickBooks cannot be easily configured to adhere to these rules, whereas Community Financials’ software is designed to handle these requirements seamlessly.

  1. Incomplete Reporting for Ownership Changes

Handling changes in unit ownership and generating the necessary estoppel certificates can be cumbersome with QuickBooks. Community Financials simplifies these processes, ensuring accurate and complete documentation for property transactions.


Don’t Just Settle for QuickBooks Online


With the discontinuation of QuickBooks Desktop, Intuit is encouraging customers to instead opt for QuickBooks Online, which comes with a monthly subscription fee. If you’re going to pay monthly, why not get more for your money?

Community Financials offers an all-inclusive package that combines specialized HOA and condo management software with professional financial services. This means you get advanced tools for automated dues collection, maintenance management, and compliance tracking, plus expert handling of your financial tasks—all for the same monthly cost. 


Instead of just paying for software, invest in a comprehensive solution that simplifies management and takes the stress off your board members.

QuickBooks Desktop at a Glance


Introduced by Intuit in the early 1990s, QuickBooks Desktop rapidly became a benchmark in general accounting software, appreciated for its ability to simplify complex financial tasks. It empowered small to medium-sized business owners, many with minimal accounting background, to manage key financial operations such as payroll, invoicing, and tax preparation effectively.

Yet, QuickBooks Desktop isn’t the perfect fit for everyone, particularly in specialized sectors like HOA and condo management. In these fields, the needs go beyond general bookkeeping, requiring more tailored functionalities that QuickBooks doesn’t inherently provide. 

HOA and condo boards typically consist of volunteers who may not have extensive technological or financial expertise. These volunteers often find themselves navigating a system that does not cater specifically to the intricacies of managing community finances, or requires technical adjustments beyond their comfort zone, highlighting a clear gap where more dedicated and user-friendly solutions could be more beneficial.

Advantages of Specialized Solutions for HOA and Condo Management


Choosing specialized solutions for HOA and condo management over QuickBooks can provide significant benefits that go beyond the capabilities of typical software. These solutions are tailored to meet the unique demands of community management, combining state-of-the-art software with comprehensive service packages that alleviate much of the administrative burden from board members.


1. Improved Efficiency and Time Savings – By taking on the community’s financial routine tasks and providing specialized tools, Community Financials’ services save board members and property managers significant time. This efficiency allows them to focus on strategic planning and community engagement rather than getting bogged down in administrative work.

2. Resident and Board Member Portals – Dedicated portals for residents and board members provide easy access to important information, such as meeting minutes, financial reports, and community announcements. These portals enhance transparency and allow for more efficient self-service options for residents.

3. Efficient Maintenance Management – Specialized software includes tools for managing maintenance requests and tracking work orders. This ensures timely responses to maintenance issues, enhances communication between residents and management, and improves overall property upkeep.

4. Comprehensive Financial Reporting – Tailored solutions offer detailed financial reporting specifically designed for HOA and condo management. These reports provide clear insights into budgets, expenses, and reserves, helping boards make informed decisions and ensuring transparency with homeowners.

5. Violation Tracking and Management – Advanced software solutions also include features to help track and manage violations within the community. These tools allow for easy documentation, notification, and resolution of violations, ensuring compliance with community rules and regulations. By automating the process, these solutions reduce the administrative workload on board members and property managers, ensuring timely and consistent enforcement.


Why Community Financials is the Superior Choice


Switching to Community Financials provides an all-encompassing solution that goes beyond just software, offering a comprehensive service package designed to meet the unique needs of HOAs and condo associations. Here’s why Community Financials stands out as the superior choice:


Comprehensive Service Package

Unlike standalone software, Community Financials offers a full suite of services that includes dues collection, bill payments, financial reporting, budget preparation,  and reserve fund tracking. This all-in-one approach ensures that every aspect of your community’s financial management is covered, reducing the burden on board members.


Cost-Effective Solutions 

For the same price as typical software solutions, Community Financials delivers both advanced software and professional financial management services. This dual offering provides exceptional value, saving your community both time and money while ensuring professional handling of financial tasks.


Automated and Accurate Financial Management

With Community Financials, routine financial tasks are automated, improving accuracy and efficiency. The software ensures timely dues collection, precise fee calculations, and real-time financial reporting, allowing board members to focus on strategic decisions rather than day-to-day financial management.


Seamless Integration and Ease of Use 

The software provided by Community Financials integrates seamlessly with other tools, creating a unified management system. Its user-friendly interface ensures that board members can easily navigate and utilize the software, even with limited technical expertise.


Dedicated Support and Training 

Community Financials offers unparalleled support with a dedicated client manager for your community. This ensures responsive, personalized assistance whenever you need it. Additionally, training is provided to help board members and staff quickly get up to speed with the new system.


Transparent and Accessible Financial Information

Transparency is key in community management. Community Financials provides easy access to financial reports and documents through dedicated portals for board members and residents. This fosters trust and ensures everyone stays informed about the community’s financial health.


Stress-Free Transition

Switching to Community Financials is designed to be a smooth process. The team handles data migration, implementation, and training at no extra cost, ensuring that your community experiences minimal disruption during the transition.


Proven Results: Community Financials Success Stories


I can’t express how pleased we have been with everything Community Financials has done so far.  Your team has been INCREDIBLE to work with.  You have lightened our load, took SO MUCH stress of our plates, and made things efficient.  It is truly a pleasure to have your help, and I can’t tell you how thankful we are for the clear and consistent communication.  And it’s only been a few months!   Again, I’m so appreciative that Google led me to your company.  We thank you so much for making our job so much easier!

Michele M.

President, Homeowner Association

Russell’s company helped our community with the monthly accounting tasks and financial reporting which allowed us to self-manage with more accurate and timely data.  Plus we were relieved to hand over the collection of monthly charges, special assessments and collection of arrears from fellow owners.

Michael E.

President, Condominium Association



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