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Life is too short to be frustrated by your Community Accounting

Being the volunteer Treasurer of a Self-Managed HOA or Condo or working with an Unorganized Management Company both add stress to life.

With the tools available today it should be easy for communities to collect assessments, pay bills,
get financial reports and safeguard funds while receiving great communication.  We can help.

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Whether you are self-managed, considering leaving a management company and becoming self-managed or a large community with onsite staff – we can help.


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I can’t express how pleased we have been with everything Community Financials has done so far.  Your team has been INCREDIBLE to work with.  You have lightened our load, took SO MUCH stress of our plates, and made things efficient.  It is truly a pleasure to have your help, and I can’t tell you how thankful we are for the clear and consistent communication.  And it’s only been a few months!   Again, I’m so appreciative that Google led me to your company.  We thank you so much for making our job so much easier!

Michele M.

President, Homeowner Association

Russell’s company helped our community with the monthly accounting tasks and financial reporting which allowed us to self-manage with more accurate and timely data.  Plus we were relieved to hand over the collection of monthly charges, special assessments and collection of arrears from fellow owners.

Michael E.

President, Condominium Association

Your team is doing its job so well it gives the board the opportunity to “catch up” on the stuff that got pushed aside with issues with 2 prior “full service” management companies.  So thanks again……oh and my blood pressure is back to normal.

Michele B.

President, Condominium Community

I have received several comments from Homeowners as to the quality and timeliness of your team’s responses and they all have been so positive.  One homeowner [a long-time owner and very vocal in the board meetings] comment was “I am so not used to this” as we have endured so much push back and ignoring our needs in the past from [prior management] that has existed for years.  It is so nice to have a truly professional approach to the financial end of our Association.

Bob S.

President, Homeowner Association

We don’t just care about community bookkeeping.

We care about you.

  • Certified Manager of Community Associations (CMCA), a Licensed Manager and understands what Boards need.
  • Grew a successful 41 person community management business over 16 years.

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Beyond Bookkeeping

Start with our monthly financial services then add other tools to reduce the time it takes to be a Board volunteer & improve the operation of your community.

Resale & Refinance Administration

Give Owners a Quick Turn Around

Communicate with Owners

Online Documents, Email blasts & Mailing Support

Maintenance & Violations Tools

Create Work Orders, Letters & Track Issues

24/7 Maintenance Answering Service

Fewer Board Emergency Calls

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Are You a Community Manager or Developer?

We provide accounting service for you too.

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