Life is busy enough let alone adding a condo community or homeowners’ association (HOA) volunteer role to your list of obligations, especially if you are a self-managed community.  We have set out to design our community accounting service to make the entire life cycle of how you deal with our company simpler.  We hope to make choosing Community Financials an easy decision, provide easy pricing, easy accounting, easy administrative tools, easy transition, provide access to helpful add on services if needed and provide easy communication.  We’re trying to make this blog post easier by reducing sentences and using bullets instead.  Here is how Community Financials is making self-managed condo & HOA monthly financial management easier:

Easy HOA Accounting Software or Condo Accounting Software

You don’t have to purchase software, pay for software or set up software.  We provide the 2 most popular softwares in the industry for you to choose from: TOPS ONE and Caliber.  We do the accounting work in this software and give access to the board to see info, access reports and also use other modules of the association software for maintenance and violation tracking for example.


Easy Decision

Provide accounting & communication tools that make the board’s job easier with less time commitment

Online payments and access to account info that owners want

We only offer specialized condo and HOA accounting services with experienced staff

Carry fidelity insurance to further protect association funds for peace of mind

Licensed (or in the process) in a few states that require it


Easy Pricing

Fill out our “Request a Quote” questionnaire or have a 10-15 minute call and get a price quote within 1 business day.

Base monthly fee plus a handful of admin fees (mailings, coupons, statements, etc.)

Detailed service agreement to ensure expectations are met

No start-up fee


Easy Accounting

Lots of ways to pay: online by bank draft or credit card or mail a check

Boards approve bills online prior to payment – no more paper invoices or check book

Easy to understand financial reports

Get condo & HOA financial reports on time when you need them


Easy Admin

Owner rosters help track resident info

We can help with community mailings – email those with email and hard mail the rest to save money

Resale certificates when an owner sells & lender questionnaires when an owner refinances


Easy Transition

A handful of information to get set up in our system

A welcome letter and a billing statement (if using monthly or quarterly statements) are sent to owners

30 day transitions (or even less) is all it takes


Easy Add on Services

Community web portal for enhanced communication for owners and boards

Community website & phone app that allows sending owners updates by email, text or mobile app

Emergency Maintenance Call Center – calls routed to vendors and text a board member notification

Payroll Processing for employees

Reporting to Credit Agencies – good payers get credit & bad payers are reduced by 21% (on avg.)


Easy Communication

Online tools for 24/7 access to info

Email, phone & video call support

Screen sharing to help with issues and provide training


Is that making self-managed condo & HOA monthly financial management easier for board members?


To get started let’s make it easy: the next step is schedule a quick call with us.