We’re thrilled to announce a special upcoming event you won’t want to miss. Tune in live on July 8th at 3pm PT for an engaging episode of the HOA Insights Podcast, a podcast focused on educating HOA and Condo Board members.

As part of Community Financials’ core values of We Listen, We Solve Problems, and We Educate, we proudly sponsor this podcast.

How It Works:

Submit Your Questions: Use the Survey Monkey Form to share your questions. Whether you’re curious about advanced topics, seeking general advice, or facing specific scenarios, we want to hear from you.

Behind the Scenes: Once we receive your questions, we’ll analyze them to identify common themes and intriguing angles. This analysis will guide the prompts and discussions during the live episode of the HOA Insights Podcast.

Join Us Live: Save the date for July 8th at 3pm PT. Join the HOA Insights Podcast live as we explore your questions and offer valuable insights and advice.

Your Voice, the HOA Insights Podcast Discussion: Let’s Create This Episode Together!

Don’t miss out on this unique opportunity to engage directly with the HOA Insights Podcast! Your questions are central to our next episode, and we’re eager to hear what’s on your mind. Take a moment to complete the Survey Monkey Form now!