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Significant Updates to FHA Policy for Condominium Approvals

The Federal Housing Administration (FHA) recently adopted new rules and policies regarding FHA loan approval of condominium units.   One of the significant revisions will allow for the approval of certain individual units in non approved condominium projects.  The...

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Community Financials Adds BB&T Bank

Our goal at Community Financials is to make the financial management for HOAs and Condo communities stress-free.  In that vein Community Financials adds BB&T Bank as a second banking option for our clients. There are about 7 banks nationally that specialize in...

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10 Steps to Self-Manage your HOA/ Condo Community

Save over 50% of a full management fee while still receiving support from professionals with a majority of the tasks involved in operating a community.

What Laws Does the State with the Most Condos & HOAs (Florida) Have That You Can Learn From?

Florida has the most HOA and Condo Communities in the country. They have many laws that make sense to help protect owners.

Top 11 ways to Avoid Fraud Theft at your HOA Condo Community

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