Are you currently working with a management company but don’t want the poor service or cost?  Are you currently self-managing your community but looking for an easier solution?  There is a solution and it is self-managing with support from industry experts – where the community doesn’t have to do it all themselves.

If you are currently with a management company and exploring self-management as an option here are the benefits:

  • Stop dealing with a frustrating lack of response and continual chasing to get answers
  • Stop paying more for poor service and doing it yourself anyway
  • Save money to fund community projects
  • But hire a support service do 60% of what a manager does at a fraction of the price

If you are currently self-managing but looking for an easier way here are the benefits of working with a financial management support service:

  • Does the work so you don’t burn out your Treasurer
  • Provides online payment options and great customer service for homeowners
  • Provides portals for access to information and reduces homeowner questions
  • Improves your processes with online bill approval and online transparency
  • Reduces your delinquent owners
  • Provides timely financial information
  • Handles resale & refinance questionnaires
  • What will you do with the extra time?

Community Financials is the financial management and remote services solution you’ve been looking for.  We’ll make your role as a self-managed community board member easier.  Find out more in our 10 steps to self-manage guide.

You’ll learn what support is available, what the Board handles and what other specialists can do.

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