Have you ever been disappointed with the quality or service of something you have paid for? You aren’t likely to spend your money on that item again. Whether it was poor quality or poor service that caused your disappointment really doesn’t matter. The same is true for your Homeowners Association or condominium. Not only is the association out of its money but it still has to deal with the problems created by the poor performance of the purchased goods or services.

We all have expectations when we make purchases. Association Management Companies, Accounting Firms, Vendors, and even the software to power the financial management of the association all come at a cost and all have expected performance levels. When they fall short of expectations, extra work and stress are created for the Association Board.

Consider the following setbacks caused by poor performance:

  • Wasted time caused by doing things yourself or spending more time than would otherwise be required in the role when you could be spending time with family or pursuing a favorite hobby.
  • Wasted money – paying for a service but doing it yourself!
  • Wasted money – paying another vendor to do the same job twice – often it’s more than double since it takes longer to correct a shotty job. For example, cleaning up sloppy bookkeeping it’s a manual process going line by line through bank statements and then data entry.
  • Chasing a vendor and adding a job for yourself as a micro manager.
  • Interruptions of your life – at inopportune times (calls during dinner or after hours).
  • Frustration and high blood pressure!

Stress like this can bleed into other aspects of your life and your relationships and create:

  • Poor experience for you.
  • Poor experience for the rest of the Board.
  • Poor experience for homeowners (who then call the Board).

Ultimately, poor performance from service providers you pay for leads to lower volunteerism because no one wants to get involved due to the poor experience they have had or heard about. The final straw is increased liability risk. Things not getting done properly could increase the chance of a homeowner suing the Board. Talk about a high cost for terrible service!

Community Financials has your back when it comes to getting the performance you need, want, expect, and deserve. Our experts don’t disappoint and they will perform to your expectations. Count on us to get the job done right and keep the Board’s and your association’s needs in mind. By working with competent professionals you’ll even make it easier to attract more people to serve on your Board.

We can’t help your peeling paint from a bad paint job or continuing leaks from a bad roof repair but we can make sure you are never disappointed with our financial management, accounting, bookkeeping, and customer service for your HOA, POA, or condo. Get in touch today and let Community Financials exceed your expectations.