As the song says breaking up can be hard to do.  In relationships we’ve devolved from the face to face break up, the phone call break up, the break up letter to the email break up and finally the lowest form of break up the text break up.  But that isn’t the case with breaking up with a service provider for your community.  So today we’re going to cover Breaking Up: the termination notice to your HOA or Condo Management Company.

Step 1: Get out your current service agreement and scan down until you get to the termination paragraph.  Typically this paragraph states that the agreement can be broken a) for any reason with 60-90 day written notice or b) immediately if “cause” such as negligence.

Note: If your contract term expired and there is no auto-renewal then you are basically on a month to month term and you can give a 30 day notice.

Step 2: Read the termination paragraph further it may include that you have to provide notice by certified mail.  In this case we often have boards that will email a termination notice and in the email say that a formal mailed notice will be forthcoming.

Sometimes the management company will let you terminate early 1) they want to leave on decent terms to help protect their reputation and 2) maybe the feeling is mutual.   So for example if the agreement says 90 days but you can work out to leave with 30 day notice.  Other times the outgoing company will be a stickler and this is mostly for financial reasons they want your income for as long as possible.  But we say you can try to negotiate.

To make this break up easier for you we’ve drafted up a termination notice for your Community Manager that you can edit and use.

If you want to learn more about transitioning you can read our blog post The Sequence of Events for Changing HOA or Condo Management or Accounting Companies HERE.