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TOPS is the most widely used management and accounting software in the community management (condo and HOA) industry.  TOPS Pro, TOPS 212, TOPS IQ or other older variants are their older desktop based software.  They are tried and tested and have done a good job for its customers for many, many years.  TOPS [ONE] is the latest software from TOPS.  It was written from scratch, launched in 2017 and has worked out its development bugs since then.  TOPS [ONE] is an online software platform which offers the functionality and transparency that more boards and owners want today.    Interested in switching from TOPS Pro Software to TOPS [ONE]?

TOPS has spent time developing an import tool to help with the transition from its older software to TOPS [ONE]. As I am writing this post January 16, 2019 they are further enhancing this tool and will be done with this process over the next three weeks.

Software Import Tool

TOPS has already used this new import tool on several properties and it works as designed.

The import will bring over 2 years of financial history which includes: general ledger data, financial reports, accounts receivable and accounts payable information.

This historical data will now allow drill down functionality.  The data is static history, not active, as such the 30, 60 and 90 day AR and AP figures will be off for a few months, but this will self-correct after enough time passes for new data to take its place.

You Don’t Get All Your Data

Whatever doesn’t come over using TOPS’ import tool will have to be data entered.

One example of data that won’t come over with the import tool is CC&R (violation) record prior history.  Another example is flex data fields like parking assignments which also will not come over with the import tool.  Someone has to do the data entry.

To make some of this data entry easier there are reports you can run out of older versions of TOPS, export to a spreadsheet and then cut and paste data into fields.  There are also mass edit ways to handle some information by downloading fields into a spreadsheet and then entering the data but it is not straightforward.

Historical Files

Your community probably already has files of prior period financial reports and other records that you can refer to.  If you are transitioning away from a management company that uses an older version of the software you can have them run some historical reports as PDFs and spreadsheets that you can save.  Alternatively, if your community has its own version of the older desktop software, you can keep the history running on a computer so you can access it in the future.

Help is Available

If you are interested in switching from TOPS Pro software to TOPS [ONE], Community Financials is available as a resource to help your community transition from the older version to the latest.  We have team members that are database management professionals that can update additional history files into TOPS [ONE] for an hourly charge if your community needs the help.

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