Are you a board member of a large scale community association?  Are you reviewing your large scale community association accounting?  You may refer to yourself as a Large Scale Association, A Planned Unit Development (PUD) or just a Planned Community. You may be a residential homeowners association, or condo community or maybe a mixed use community with both residential and commercial properties. Are you interested to see how your planned community financial operations stack up against your peers?  

We have reviewed a 2016 Survey of Large Scale Communities by Community Associations Institute that may provide some accounting insights.

Defining a Large Scale Association


Community Associations Institute (CAI) defines a Large Scale Association as having all of the following characteristics:

1) provides municipal services,
2) has over 1000 lots, units or acres and
3) has an operating budget of $2,000,000 or more.

Most of these identify as a planned community and have sub associations.

Community Associations Institute (CAI) estimates as of 2016 that there are 6,000 to 9,000 Large Scale Associations in the US. CAI conducted a survey in 2016 of Large Scale Associations which reached a small part of these communities.

Over half of Residential, Resort/Residential, Private Club and Mixed use Large Scale Associations use staff members only for their management-related services. Half of age restricted Large Scale Associations use Staff Members and a Management co/ Third Party.

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Financial Management Statistics for Large Scale Associations

Of the Large Scale Associations (LSAs) that reported having a management company or third party, a large majority of them reported that the management company and/or third party handles financial management and general administration. (In terms of financial management: residential communities 95%, age restricted 100%, resort/ residential 77.8%, Private Club 80%, mixed use 100%).

Of those LSAs that reported having a management company or third party, most said that the management company or third party are members of CAI: Residential 90%, Age Restricted 90%, Resort/Residential 88.9%, Private Club 80%, Mixed Use 100%.

All Large Scale Associations reported that their annual financial reports are examined by a CPA.

Almost all audit reports completed by LSAs are reviewed by a CPA. Review and Compilation reports for the most part are not examined by a CPA.

A majority of LSAs use a third party reserve specialist. Most LSAs reported that their staff or management services company do not perform their reserve study. 73.8% of Residential LSAs reported that their CPA is a CAI member.

Click on the link to read the entire survey.

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