At Community Financials, one of our core values is delivering WOW Service.  WOW Service stands out from the industry average service.  A core value helps us make decisions as a company on where to make investments.  Over the last few months, we’ve made some blog-worthy investments. Upgraded phone system & call handling for Community Financials was chief among them.

Here are a few of the recent improvements made for better service:

We upgraded phone system technology spending over 400% more than our previous system.  This is an investment and improved service is worth it.  The new phone system has better call quality, fewer dropped calls, and the ability for callers to wait on hold among other benefits.

We can now measure call statistics for greater insights.  We analyze the number of calls going to our staff’s extensions, and the busiest time of the month or day so we can add additional call handlers when needed.

We are able to reduce callers getting transferred to voicemail. Using our system’s heads-up display that shows who is available, and who is on a call already, we can try to transfer to a colleague that is available.

Reducing the number of transfers a caller experiences.  We have provided more training to our customer service folks so they can answer the majority of calls themselves which reduces the number of calls transferred to another CF staff member.

We added staff to handle support calls as well as emailed requests.  When one person is helping a client, the phone will ring the next support person before allowing a caller to wait on hold or have to leave a voicemail.  Our goal is for the majority of callers to experience a live call answer.

We’re still tweaking our new phone system to give the best possible experience.  Since this is a core value for us, we’ll continually be looking for ways to optimize how we pair great systems with great people to deliver great service.

We hope you work with us to experience WOW Service for your Board and homeowners.