#1 – No Staff

Have you had a hard time finding a good employee to hire? Ever hire, train & manage a person and have it not work out? How much money did it cost and how much of your time did it take? If you want to manage properties or your development and not manage staff than talk to us.

#2 – Flexible

Have you hired an accounting employee and waited a long time to recover the added expense to your bottom line? Instead you can use a variable expense where when you add an account and you pay a fraction for accounting service. If you lose an account your cost goes down. This variable cost vs. fixed cost is a big advantage for keeping your business flexible. Plus when you add a new property it is easy to scale up.

#3 – Lower Cost

A service business’ biggest cost is its people. Using an on demand accounting service is less costly than salaries, payroll tax, benefits, training, insurance plus all the associated costs of computers & software, etc. A dollar saved is a dollar earned.

#4 – Core Competency

Stick to what you like & what you are good at. You don’t have to become a systems and accounting nerd. Focus on what you do best like interact with people, solve problems, help the physical buildings & grounds and grow your business or develop more properties. We can focus on the accounting which is our core competency.

#5 – Save Time

Doing the accounting yourself or having to hire and manage staff and oversee the accounting takes time. Your time which has a direct dollar cost as well as an opportunity cost (what could you be doing that would grow your business income?). You don’t have to put your attention on this – we’ll give it our full attention.

#6 – Keep Clients Happy

Keep your homeowners and boards happy. Don’t lose customers or referrals from sub-par accounting. Instead turn this activity into a strength for you. Community Financials will do a meticulous job for you and you won’t have to worry about this part of your business. If you want to learn more about how Community Financials can help you – schedule a free consultation.