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Are you investigating the cost of financial management for your HOA or Condo Community?  If you are self-managing you may be paying for things that you’ll save money on.  If you are comparing your management company or alternative bookkeeping service there are many items they charge extra for that Community Financials does not charge extra for.  Make sure you are comparing apples to apples plus save your community money.

Here is one charge that many communities get billed for that you’ll save:

No monthly bank maintenance fee – check your bank statement, sometimes this can be $10-$25/month.  Both of the banks we use don’t charge a monthly maintenance fee.  Instant savings!


Here are some of the fees competing services charge for that are included in our service fee:

No on-boarding fee – this can be as much as 1 month’s fee

No fee for an online portal/ basic website – This can be as much as $50 per month extra

No fee for owners to make an online payment by direct debit – others charge a % or $5 fee

No check fees – many services will charge extra for checks, envelopes, postage, etc – not us

No extra charge for handling special assessments – others charge hourly fees for this work

No extra charge for ownership transfers – others charge $10 – $150 for each sale / transfer (in addition to resale certificate / escrow document charges paid by sellers at closing)


Rather than choose the lowest “face” cost of the competition choose the best value after taking these fees into consideration.  Save money and don’t pay for extras HOA & Condo Financial Management competitors charge.  We hope this helps you make a more informed decision for your community.


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