Condo & HOA Accounts Payables Process Best Practices

Whether you are an accounting geek, a systems person or just want a deeper understanding of accounts payable we are about to get into the nitty gritty of AP.  In a full service management company I was a partner of and President I implemented a powerful AP system in...

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What Makes Condo & HOA Financial Management Expensive

A condo or homeowners’ association (HOA) going from full management to self-managed with Community Financials’ support experiences significant cost savings.  However a self-managed community going from no cost to paying for a financial management service gets a new...

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Large Scale Community Association Accounting

Are you a board member of a large scale community association?  Are you reviewing your large scale community association accounting?  You may refer to yourself as a Large Scale Association, A Planned Unit Development (PUD) or just a Planned Community. You may be a...

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What is Condo or HOA Bookkeeping or Financial Management?

Condo communities and homeowners’ associations are typically set up as non-profit corporations.  Just like for-profit corporations they have monthly income and expenses.  This income and expense require monthly accounting tasks be completed.  So what is condo or HOA...

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10 Tips For HOA & Condo Boards to Reduce the Cost of Community Management

10 Steps to Self Manage Your Community

Financial Best Practices and Transparency

The Latest Tools to Help Communities Safeguard their Funds

Outsource Day-to-Day Accounting Tasks

Self-Managed Community Support or Lower Cost Option to Full Management


How To Collect Delinquent Owner Fees

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