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From the viewpoint of a homeowner within your association, change can be a scary thing. Whether it’s a change in ownership, a change in association rules, or a change in association management, change can create chaos and disruption. One option is to split the financial management from the physical management.  You can hire a manager to help with overseeing vendors, maintenance issues and helping with meetings and violations.  Using Community Financials to handle your association’s monthly accounting provides consistency for your owners and avoids chaos and disruption, even as change happens within the association.

When an association engages Community Financials to handle its monthly accounting, homeowners quickly get used to having a consistent place to send their common fee payments. The association could change most vendors, change rules, even change a manager or management company but the monthly accounting services provided by Community Financials remain in place, giving homeowners consistency that they desire.

That’s not to say that there is any way to avoid the internal chaos that can occur when an association makes changes. Board members come and go, sometimes by their own choice and sometimes by the choice of the association members. Property Managers and Management Companies may be replaced. Association rules may change. Community Financials is the one thing that doesn’t have to change.

Homeowners will always make their payments to the same address, regardless of all of these other changes. This stability alone makes the decision to work with Community Financials for its monthly accounting is one of the best decisions an association can make. Put the stability of Community Financials to work for your condominium, HOA, or any other community association and bring consistency and peace of mind to your homeowner members.