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Embezzlement. Payroll. Accounts Payable. Delinquencies. Operating vs Reserves. These just a few of the financial challenges boards and managers face twelve times a year. It is so simple to say “assessments should offset expenses” in running a community association. But we all know that reality is much more complicated than simple theory. While it is true that the “devil is in the details”, it is also true that “success is in the details”! So join us for this 45 minute webinar that will help your association, or the ones you manage, move forward towards a fiscally responsible future that makes the present less stressful and the future more secure. You will learn (or be reminded of) financial “best practices” and the four reports that help you know where the money is, where it is going, and where it is not supposed to go!

Joining host Robert Nordlund, PE, RS of Association Reserves , a national provider of Reserve Studies, will be Russell Munz, CMCA of Community Financials, a national provider of financial services for associations. Russell’s background as a manager and mgmt company owner gives him a unique perspective to explain how to put best practices to work for the benefit of your association(s) and your sanity.

Expect it to be a rich time learning from the experience of these two experts.

We have 2 time slots on September 24th: 12 Mountain (2 PM EST) OR 2:30 PM Mountain (4:30 PM EST)


We look forward sharing our industry expertise with you.