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One of the software programs we use at Community Financials is TOPS.  Tops is the largest software company in the condo & HOA industry as measured by the number of management companies using it.  It has 5 times as many clients as the next largest competitor Caliber which we also use.

On December 7th, 2018 I visited the Tops offices in Clearwater, Florida and met with a product manager, a client success manager, phone handlers, and technical support staff and peeked in on developers.

Jeanne Plannert “the voice of Tops for over 25+yrs”, Me, Amanda Hilton: Account Executive, and Stefanie Ford: Account Executive

Over the last year they have added 13 employees (mostly for developing TOPS 1 their latest generation software platform).  This growth in staff, currently 90 employees, is pushing them to move to larger office space in 2019.

I learned how Tops recently added video and knowledge base resources within TOPS One for staff and boards to make better use of the software.  And I gained insights and better understanding into how Tops operates.

I went out to lunch with 4 members of the TOPs team (one had to leave before the picture).  We discussed their TOPs One road map for 2019 which includes adding consolidated billing for owners of multiple units Q1 2019 and the ability for those owners to pay all bills at once later in 2019.  I gave suggestions to improve the software integration with our website and mobile app offering by Nabr Network so it had enhanced functionality for board members like the current integration with Caliber provides.  And also that when an owner sends a notification in the system to have it email different people not just one email address i.e. an accounting question goes to the financial manager or board Treasurer, a maintenance request goes to a board member that handles maintenance items and violations go to a separate email as well.  I enjoyed the time learning about each other and a heartfelt thank you to Tops for picking up lunch!

Andrea Meyer: Manager of Customer Success, Me, Amanda Hilton: Account Executive and Teri Perez: Manager of Client Services

Business at its core is about relationships with people.  By visiting with the staff of one of our main vendors I have an even better relationship with key staff.  These relationships will help answer client questions and help us use the software to the best of its capabilities which also enhances our client’s experience of working with Community Financials.