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Our goal at Community Financials is to make the financial management for HOAs and Condo communities stress-free.  In that vein Community Financials adds BB&T Bank as a second banking option for our clients.

There are about 7 banks nationally that specialize in banking for the HOA and Condo community market.  This means they have special services set up to make it easier for boards, home owners and the companies that work with them to take care of the community’s financial management.  They also have more favorable fees for communities such as no monthly maintenance charges.  So now Community Financials offers 2 of the 7 national banks for our clients to choose from: Pacific Premier Bank and BB&T.

One of the benefits of BB&T is that a homeowner can take their coupon book and make their assessment payment at a BB&T branch.  So along with accepting payments online or by check to the bank’s lockbox this is an added payment method.  And after the merger of BB&T and Sun Trust last year there are even more locations for homeowners to do this.

There are benefits of banking with Pacific Premier and BB&T if you want to discuss what bank is right for your association to work with please contact us to discuss it further.