I have been in the HOA and Condo management business since 2001.  Over this time, I have used and previewed dozens of industry software in order to better serve our customers.  Some software is targeted to larger management company needs; others are more difficult to use and some don’t have the latest features.  Community Financials has the best software for managing your self-managed HOA or Condo.

If you are self-managed you typically use spreadsheets or QuickBooks.  QuickBooks is meant for businesses and doesn’t have portals for owners to see their balance and make a payment or any tools to help with operational items.

If you are working with a management company and looking to save money and / or hassle, what system should you use?  Most Boards want to save time and don’t want to handle the accounting and so we are a great fit and the software provides transparency.  But Boards also want software tools to make operating the community easier.  Most software on the market is built with a property management company customer in mind.  The interface for a Board to use maintenance, violations, and ARC components are not user-friendly or intuitive.

If you have onsite staff or are splitting the accounting from a manager’s role for better checks and balances and a greater focus on physical and financial duties you want to have one integrated system for efficient operation and to help make the onsite staff more effective.  They receive a login into our software for just this reason.

Here are 6 key benefits of our system that we feel makes it the best:

Homeowner portal – Homeowners can look up accounting information, make a payment, view association documents, message the Board or our accounting staff, and see maintenance, violations, or ARC items online or on a smartphone app.

Fewer logins – most systems have a separate login for a portal, a separate system to access software tools meant for the manager, separate login for online banking, etc.  Our system has one login to handle all board business.

View delinquencies – Boards can keep tabs on the status of homeowner payments in real-time.

Communicate with homeowners – Email, text, or send voice broadcasts to owners or a subset of residents like all pet owners or those in a particular building or phase of the community.

Easy-to-use tools for operating your community – Maintenance, Task Management, Violations, and ARC requests are easy to create, track and manage.


Want to learn more and watch some demo videos?  Request a quote and we’ll send you our detailed proposal along with video demos so you can see for yourself that we have the best software for managing your self-managed HOA or condo.